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Finisher pens

A modern production of finishers requires a safe environment that can face the challenges of daily use.
The housing equipment is made of fiber panels which are easy to clean, either manually or by robot. In that way, you can improve the conditions for a healthy and fast growing production.

Finisher pen made of fiber panels
Finisher pen made of PVC planking
Finisher pen made of panels

Finisher pens
Finisher pens
Projects - your partner in animal housing

To be a partner in animal housing requires strong cooperation built on trust. Our goal is to provide strong solutions made for growth for you - and we do this by focusing on the process before, during and after the project.

Components - your direct way!

With a large and wide range of products from Jyden, you’ll get access to a large amount of well-tested components for both cattle and pig productions. Here you will find everything from small fittings to large fiberglass silos!

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