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MAFA silo

MAFA silo
MAFA silo
MAFA silo
MAFA UNIK silo has the special property, that the material is emptied uniformly over the entire surface. Therefore guaranteeing a homogeneous emptying throughout the entire surface. Ventilation through the cyclone at the top of silo minimizes condensation binding of the feed on roof panels inside.

The silo is emptied from the bottom. The materiel is emptied simultaneously throughout the silo =  Minimal separation.


1. MAFA Unik, outdoorsilo type UN in Aluzink

-Bin with “UNIK-properties”. Steady and simple basic construction. 2,3 m in diameter with six legs.
-Manufactured in Aluzinksheet, which is a high quality sheet that combines the best qualities of aluminum and zinc. The durabillity has been proved in test to be considerably longer than normal galvanized sheet.
-Filling is via pipes with a large radius and a cyclone, which is the most gentle way to fill the silo.
-The silo empties from the bottom, which is called a mass flow. The oldest material always comes out first. Provides a minimum separation in the silo. Always the same volume and weight properties of the material.
-Smooth inner walls and steep taper allows the silo to be emptied completely.
-Venting through the cyclone in the silo top ensures that there will be no problems with condensation.
-Several different augerinlets with progressive inlet for gentle and homogeneous onward transport.
-Big door in the augerbox.
-7 years warranty on our UNIK-silo.

2. MAFA Unik, outdoorsilo type UNB in Aluzink

Has the same excellent properties as the UNIK2000, but larger diameter (3,1 m) and 8 legs.

3. MAFA Unik Small, outdoorsilo type UNS in Aluzink:

Has the same excellent properties as the UNIK2000, but smaller diameter(1,88 m) and three legs.

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