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Project with good economy - in Romania

Project with good economy - in Romania
Through his farming network, Mr. Nicu Benta was well introduced to Jyden in Denmark. Thus, he had good experiences from other pig productions with the well-known Jyden equipment, and he was very
satisfied with the design and function of the pens.

In 2012, he therefore decided to establish two pig units with pens made of PVC-planking – 128 pens for weaners and 360 pens for finishers.

In autumn 2014, Nicu Benta builds another finisher unit – also with housing equipment from Jyden.

"It is not a coincidence that I have chosen Jyden for the second time. I was very satisfied with the business I made with Jyden for a few years ago, and for that reason I have done it again.

Overall, the project was solved with professionalism. The consultant had a wide knowledge of general housing needs in terms of optimizing on a professional pig production. The delivery was on time – and the housing solution was of top quality!

The new project includes 240 finisher pens which will be made of Jydens fiber material. This will result in a bright and friendly housing environment, and in addition, the fiber material has very great advantages with respect to cleaning and durability. So to be honest, I am looking forward to get started with the new finisher unit."

Nicu Benta, Romania

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With a large and wide range of products from Jyden, you’ll get access to a large amount of well-tested components for both cattle and pig productions. Here you will find everything from small fittings to large fiberglass silos!

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