Jyden is known by having strong solutions made for growth in the entire product programme - for both large housing projects with a high level of compexity and for smaller renovation projects.

The product range is based on mechanization solutions for cattle and pig housing, which - besides housing equipment - includes feed and transport systems, water systems, flooring, ventilation, air cleaning, LED-lightning, heating pipes and much more.

Furthermore, Jyden has several niche products for both sheep and poultry housing.


Jyden's products are based on customized design solutions for professional production systems, primarily for cattle and pig housing.

Housing design is customized in terms of materials and dimensions, based on your individual needs and requirements, - with focus on functionality and animal welfare, so production economy is optimized.


The range of feed systems includes the internal feed transport in cattle housing as well as dry feeding systems in pig housing. These systems are made in modules and being the longest on the market can reach a transportation length of 800 meters.
Besides, there are the famous AP Swing feeders for both weaners and finishers as well as various cribs and troughs for other house sections.
For cattle housing Jyden has different types of feed grids and varios polymer cribs.


Jyden water systems includes the famous AP Aqua Levels as well as water supply systems, drinking cups, valves and sprinkling in pig housing.

For cattle stalls Jyden offers a wide range of water troughs and drinking cups.


Jyden has a large product assortment of AP plastic and cast iron slats for pig housing.

In addition, Jyden can also supply different types of underlayers for cubicles as well as rubber mats for manure alleys in cattle housing.


For farrowing pens (and weaner pens) Jyden offers Aniheater heating lamp to provide the best temperature for the piglets. In weaner pen it is possible to supply with a finned tube to maintain the optimal temperature.
For poultries Jyden's heating radiator is the ideal solution to obtain the optimal distribution of heat.
Jydens AirCooling is used both in cattle and pig housing, where there is a need for cooling - primarily to prevent stress among the animals.


Jyden has a broad product range in ventilation systems, including the market's most energy saving EC-fans, that ensure optimal animal welfare and good environment in pig housing systems.

Besides Jyden offers different types of natural ventilation for cattle housing including tube ventilation for calve housing.


Jyden supplies a wide assortment of fiberglass and steel silos as well as flex augers. Silos can be used for many purposes and can be supplied with different equipment and accessories, such as air filters, specially designed bottoms for augers, inspection hatch and rain cover for hopper.
Projects - your partner in animal housing

To be a partner in animal housing requires strong cooperation built on trust. Our goal is to provide strong solutions made for growth for you - and we do this by focusing on the process before, during and after the project.

Components - your direct way!

With a large and wide range of products from Jyden, you’ll get access to a large amount of well-tested components for both cattle and pig productions. Here you will find everything from small fittings to large fiberglass silos!

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