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Visionary farrowing pen for loose sows

Visionary farrowing pen for loose sows
Visionary farrowing pen for loose sows
Visionary farrowing pen for loose sows
As part of a generational change on February 2015, Daniel Pedersen takes over the ownership of the farm Brobak with a sow facility of 2.100 sows. The sows are loose in all housing units, and since the year 2011 the sows have been loose in the farrowing unit as well. The choice of the farrowing pen was well-founded and based on the experiences from Norway, where Daniel Pedersen had experienced the pens in practice. This inspired him to establish a farrowing unit
with the FT30-pens from Jyden. In these pens the sow is free before, during and after farrowing. The sow is separated from the piglets at weaning, and then weaners will remain staying in the pen until they reach a weight of 30 kg.

"We find that the sow’s welfare is clearly improved in loose farrowing pens. There is ample opportunity for nesting and the sow has a more natural behavior in the pen. The wellbeing and welfare of the piglets are better - and as the weaners remain in the pen, the risk of stress among them will be minimized - and at the same time the work flow is optimized. It means a lot to me that the farrowing pen is
supported by technical and practical documentation, and that was the reason for choosing one of Jyden’s solutions.
With many years of experience from Norway, we feel that we have achieved a strong, but also a visionary solution which will make growth for pig producers."

Daniel Pedersen | Pig producer, Hjørring, Denmark

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