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Welfare without compromising

Welfare without compromising
Ella and Vagn Jensen operate their family farm “Stistrupgaard” with 380 dairy cows. The majority of the herd are situated on “Stistrupgaard” while their son, Brian Hovgaard, is responsible for the operation of a leased cowshed with 165 dairy cows.
After deciding to move all calvings home to the family farm, a new welfare barn was established in spring 2014 – with a bright and friendly environment and with optimal conditions for calves as well as dry cows and calving cows. The welfare barn accommodates a section with a free-stall for 64 cows and has a connecting calving area in which the details have focus on good logistics and function.

"Previously, Jyden has supplied us with barn solutions and did so again for our new welfare barn. The result is without doubt a good one, and our needs and requirements for the barn design were met without compromising. It has been a good experience throughout the whole process - from the first tentative ideas till the barn was completed and ready for use. The mounting was carried out by Jyden’s fitters who performed with high quality in mind, professional skills and with sparring about small but important details of the barn."
Ella and Vagn Jensen, dairy farmer, Farsoe, Denmark

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To be a partner in animal housing requires strong cooperation built on trust. Our goal is to provide strong solutions made for growth for you - and we do this by focusing on the process before, during and after the project.

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With a large and wide range of products from Jyden, you’ll get access to a large amount of well-tested components for both cattle and pig productions. Here you will find everything from small fittings to large fiberglass silos!

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